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We start with important and difficult climate problems and work with landing market customers to define the characteristics of high impact solutions. Then we find and develop the technologies, products and teams to build world class companies that will address at least 1% of the world’s carbon emissions at scale. The principals of IBET have all demonstrated decades-long careers in building companies from their earliest stages, with deep and innovative technologies that address climate change. We have experience in financing, understanding and mitigating market and technology risk.  We know how to scale management teams and we understand the importance of being customer-led. Several of these companies are poised to meet the 1% challenge, possibly more than have come from any other group more



Michael J. Brown 


Walter Mérida, FCAE


Chris Reid, MASc


Denis Connor, PhD


Ron Dizy

President & CEO

Our Team

Financial Analyst

CRD Technical Lead

Corporate Services

CRD Lead

CRD Technical Lead

CRD Lead



Are you a company with business challenges or opportunities associated with carbon emissions?  

IBET works directly with corporations who are willing to devote time and resources to working in an IBET-led process to clearly define climate opportunities from a business perspective and identify technology and adoption gaps that need to be bridged – we call this the CRD (Customer Requirements Document). IBET will then seek technology formulations and build core teams to ultimately create companies to address the opportunity.  Corporate sponsors are able to shape the requirements embodied in the CRD and are able to participate in seed funding, if they choose.  To learn more about becoming a Corporate Sponsor:


Are you interested in applying your skills, experience and talent to address the climate challenges we face?

IBET is always seeking experienced and talented executives to work with us and corporate sponsors on CRD’s (Customer Requirement Documents) and ultimately in becoming part of founding teams.  We are looking for people with demonstrated track records of success in growing companies with technology driven solutions and who have a passion for addressing climate opportunities.  We aim to be flexible in how we engage (respecting that talented people may have other obligations that consume a portion of their time). If you are interested in learning more about working with IBET on creating companies to address the world’s climate opportunities, contact us.


Do you have a technology that you believe can address some of the world’s most difficult climate opportunities?

While IBET’s Company Creation Process focuses on understanding customer requirements first, we are always interested in understanding technologies that will ultimately help us address these opportunities.  We are willing to work with technology developers and IP owners to identify customers and their requirements for climate solutions that will be deployed at scale.  Are you are a technology developer or an IP owner, and feel that IBET’s Company Creation Process could help drive better and faster adoption? To learn more about how we can work together:

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