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Josh Burtney


Josh is a mining engineer with a minor in mechanical engineering and economics. Josh graduated from Queen’s University, a globally renowned school for mining engineering, in 2017 and has since leveraged his technical background to advance clean energy technologies.

Josh started his career at Hydrostor, a compressed air energy storage (CAES) technology developer, supporting the development of their proprietary underground storage technology.

Through this experience, Josh had the opportunity to lead or support engineering activities in complex, multidisciplinary infrastructure projects that have given him a breadth of knowledge across various fields of engineering including mining, process chemistry, electrical, controls systems, and mechanical.

Following Hydrostor, Josh joined a venture team developing a geoexchange utility company for one of Canada’s largest homebuilders, Mattamy Homes. At the venture division of Mattamy, Josh was responsible for business model development, project development, technology evaluation and cost reduction.

Josh joined IBET in April 2023 and provides technical and commercial support on IBET projects such as: building decarbonization, negative emissions technologies, and methane mitigation.

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