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Heather Allen

Corporate Services

Heather is a dynamic catalyst for organizational growth, specializing in guiding start-ups through crucial early stages. With a diverse skill set encompassing project management, HR, bookkeeping, communications, and more, she is the go-to person for getting things done. Having played a pivotal role in the inception of IBET in 2016, she navigates start-ups through dynamic landscapes working with a variety of personalities. 

She thrives on the day-to-day actions that shape organizational success, finding joy in implementing efficient systems and delivering stellar service.

Heather holds a bachelor's degree in media studies with honors, along with diplomas in business management and public relations.  

Beyond work, her commitment to community service is evident through her involvement in community councils, broadening her perspective. Heather embraces outdoor adventures such as triathlons, off-grid living, and kayaking. 

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