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Ken Kratschmar

CRD Technical Lead

Ken is an accomplished Innovator and former professional engineer with over 25 years of achievement in the areas of Product and Business Development, Team Leadership, and Engineering. Ken has significant experience, holding senior positions in the Oil & Gas, HVAC, LNG and hydrogen and fuel cell industries. Ken co-founded Cellex Power Products, which was eventually bought by Plug Power in 2007. In Cellex/Plug he held a number of positions including VP of Product Development. In 2012, Ken was the Technical Program Leader for Westport Fuel Systems’ High Horsepower LNG program, managing a team of over 15 engineers and technicians. In 2014, Ken was co-founder and director of ETI Energy Corporation. ETI is commercializing pumping technology developed and licensed from Westport for LH2 applications including next generation hydrogen refueling stations for material handling, bus and heavy duty customers. From 2017 to 2023, Ken was co-founder and CTO of Ekona Power, a venture started by IBET and Evok Innovations, which focuses on producing clean, low carbon hydrogen using pyrolysis of natural gas.

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