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Shawn Burns

CRD Lead

Shawn is a climate entrepreneur who is trained in sustainable business, enterprise climate risk, and climate accounting (AICPA). He has completed graduate degrees from Cornell University in New York and Queens and Western Universities in Ontario. His work has taken him to Asia, South America, and Africa, for corporate, government and indigenous clients interested in climate risk systems.

His working career includes MDA Space where he set up a land-based geo-intelligence network in Asia. Later he led an intrapreneur group focused on geoinformatics technology (ICT Development Group) in Asia and Latin America developing environmental, mapping, and flood emergency information’s systems. His work experience also includes Ledcor Environmental which he sold a company to.

Shawn founded an original nature-based offsetting (NBO) company (Carbon Credit Corp), which developed forest and agriculture carbon protocols, and created several million carbon offsets for corporate and First Nations clients. This company created one of the largest NBO projects in the world and was highlighted at the UNFCCC Paris Climate Conference in 2015. His company also created a carbon geo-intelligence platform that aggregated sustainable wheat farmers efforts in Western Canada.

Shawn consults for many local and international companies, has developed industry specific sustainability accounting formats, and has taught climate change and sustainability at UBC for 8 years. Recently he accepted a role at IBET Climate in Vancouver.

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